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Simon Cmrk


  My name is Simon.​ I am a medical doctor by profession, and today I am working as a certified gestalt psychotherapist on providing psychotherapeutic support to adults.

  My areas of interest include working with states of anxiety and depression, panic attacks, sleep disturbances and psychosomatic disorders.


Contact and appointment booking

  If you wish to book an appointment or find out more about psychotherapy and my line of work, feel free to use this contact form. 

When to seek support?

  When you feel dissatisfied with fulfilling your basic psychological needs such as the need for feeling connected to others, for love, belonging, acceptance, safety, autonomy, respect or freedom of choice.

  When you experience intense and recurring feelings of pressure, anxiety or fear.

  When you're troubled by sleep disturbances or the experience of sleep paralysis.

  When you're experiencing difficulties in expressing, maintaining or protecting your personal boundaries.

  When you feel excessive fear, shame or guilt in your personal relationships, or you experience difficulties in maintaining them.

  In case of psychosomatic disturbances.

Gestalt psychotherapy in English

  If you are currently residing in Croatia, language does not need to be a barrier to mutual understanding.

 All counseling and therapy services are also available in English. 

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A few words on gestalt psychotherapy

"Don't push the river, it flows by itself." - F. Perls

Gestalt translated as a German word describes an organized whole that is different than the sum of its parts. It began its story at the beginning of past century as a direction in psychology focused on field perception and figure-ground relationship, and later developed into a distinct psychotherapeutic approach.

In gestalt we're working with your experience of self in the here and now.

The leading supposition is that the most interesting moment is the present one.

We're asking what's going on right now, what's on the surface, what's obvious?

We're more interested in how than why.

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