Watts - Spectrum of Love

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izvor: OutsideTheBox

Peterson - on Love

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izvor: One Question

What Is Love?

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izvor: Sisyphus 55

Loving and Being Loved

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izvor: The School of Life

Sternberg's Theory of Love: Intimacy, Commitment, Passion

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izvor: Psych2Go

Why Love Is Never as Nice as It Should Be

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izvor: The School of Life

How Romanticism Ruined Love

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izvor: The School of Life

McKenna - Love & Romance

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izvor: Fractal Youniverse

Peterson - Let Your Loved Ones Stand on Their Own

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izvor: Bite-sized Philosophy

Peterson - What You Do When You Love Someone

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izvor: Essential Truth

Duncan Trussell - Learn to Love Yourself

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izvor: Nathan Kuhn